Private kayak trip

Ever wanted to go on a private tour with just your friends? Or travel with your family at your own pace? Been, dreaming of waking up, on your own island in the middle of the Stockholm archipelago?

We can create a tailor-made trip to suit any group, whether it’s large or small. Choose one of our existing itineraries and leave on a departure date of your choice, or e-mail us about your unique trip.


Private groups

We have organised numerous trips for all sorts of private groups – schools, university students, sports teams, photographers, families and more.

We can also take smaller groups of three or four, or couples who simply want to share the travel experience together.

You can choose from our existing itineraries, and add either more days or subtract days to fit you individual requirements. The only limit is your imagination.


Family trips

Travelling with your family can be a great way of learning about Sweden and our nature and culture, and also spending quality time together. Choose one of our existing itineraries, or e-mail us about tailoring a private trip that suits your family.

We can take children from 12 years and older (on our custom-made trips) so why not see the world together while they’re still young.


Benefits of travelling in a private group

There are many benefits of private group travel.  Though probably the benefit you’ll love the most is whilst you get the holiday of a life time, you don’t need to worry about organizing it all, as that’s our job. And that is not only a job that we enjoy doing, but also something we do well.

You choose the pace, the breaks and what you are interested in exploring, so the journey perfectly suits you and your group.  Plus it’s totally up to your group to determine when and where you wish to go, stay in the safe area, or push your limits, split the group, for a special part of your trip, this way it offers you a great flexibility and independence. But at the same time having a guide with you for safety.

Also as you’ll be travelling as a group, you can rest assured we’ll secure a great price which will be cheaper if your group did the same itinerary without our assistance.  Travelling with us also means we can take you safely to remote places, hidden gems and get you off the beaten track.


Organizing Private Group Travel

Organizing a private group is easy. Just let us know when and which trip you wish to do and how many are in your group and the ages in case someone is under 18 years old.

Once you’re happy with the adventure, we’ll then put together a detailed “Adventure letter” outlining the daily itinerary, trip inclusions & exclusions, fast facts about what to bring and not to bring, as well as some other helpful info. This “Adventure letter” can easily be distributed to your group, so everyone has a clear idea of your adventure.


Contact us

To organize your next private group adventure, please use our contact form or feel free to E-mail us.